Online Training Video – Civil Code § 5400  Prior 1363.001 – Filling the Gap as apparently there are no funds available for the Dept of Real Estate or Consumer Affairs to develop an online training course.  Here’s ours.  Please send suggestions and comments or do that below.

See also, Open Meeting Act Video’s for Brown and Davis Stirling Acts
Reserve Study

Open Meeting Act

New members information

Wikipedia  on Davis Stirling

Code of Ethics






Thu 1/14/2016 2:20 PM

Very hard to watch as they are too long and difficult to focus on.

Suggest your videos start with an executive summary (tell the student (viewer) what you’re going to tell them) then get into the details and demos. A link in the executive summary could take you from a topic directly to the details by skipping over others.


Dave F, President

C.. R… Community Association

Thanks for your input.  These are not our videos.  I will put a summary though underneath each one.

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