More on records openness

Sunshine Laws
Record Transparency

Look how open other financial items are, like teacher salaries  LAUSD Salaries 

Public employee salaries  transparent     

Bankruptcy Records   http://www.bankrupt

Sheriffs Dept Transparency & Openness

How about emailing a pdf of the requested records?

The members NEED the records, look at the legislative intent of the law. Here’s an HOA that has open records   Agendas   Documents    Forms    Minutes    Newsletters    Rules    Architectural Request Notifications Adrian Adams Esq of Davis in the 12.9.2009 Newsletter, states:

Documents … should be posted on your website so owners can download them as-needed.

and the latter responsibility should impel the holder of the office [City Attorney] to make the government’s business as public as possible.  We call upon the candidates for city attorney to pledge their commitment to returning public oversight to the city’s agencies most in need of such scrutiny. LA Times members with expertise might save on  Insurance Bills or other bills, if they know what is going on.   If part of a document truly needs privacy, how about redaction.  Check this out “Gotovina Defence Final Trial Brief”. International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. 27 July 2010. Retrieved 27 July 2010.   How to make a pdf non changeable – alterable        

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  1. Can the home owners request a log of all the checks which have been sent monthly so that there will be transparency and the owners will see how the money has been spent. The Homeowners Board has refused to provide this information.

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