LA City Attorney on Brown Act, upon which Davis Stirling is based. View Part   2    3


Brown Act

Understanding Davis Stirling

Guide for Serving on a Board

Davis Stirling is based on and parallels the Brown Act 

See also video’s on Condo Living

The Condo Davis Stirling Act is modeled after the Brown Act and if  Davis Stirling is blank…  one should look to the Brown Act.

Los Angeles County Video

Understanding Brown ActCA RCD Leadership – Power Point  converted to pdf

Pocket Guide to Open Meeting Laws – Brown Act

Brown Act Pamphlet 2003 14 Pages


Davis Stirling parallels Brown Act

§5400  ONLINE Training

Historical Neighborhood Council on Brown Act 

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  1. Thank you for this website!
    I will use it to prepare to be a Board Director (running)

    Years ago, I was a Director without this information!

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