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Let members have their say via YouTube Video, Facetime, What’s App, Skype. This is 21st Century, I’m sure everyone has a laptop, tablet or Smart Phone.

The Kelly Richardson, Esq circa 11.2005 said :

Friends, Romans, Homeowners, lend them your ear. Some situations can be defused simply by letting a person complete their statement without interruption. Allow your neighbors their time to speak, which is the board’s time to listen. The fact that members know that they can bring up anything in a [monthly] board meeting, inspires confidence and support.


Civil Code §4090 “Board meeting” means either of the following:


(a) A congregation, at the same time and place, of a sufficient number of directors to establish a quorum of the board, to hear, discuss, or deliberate upon any item of business that is within the authority of the board.

(b) A teleconference, where a sufficient number of directors to establish a quorum of the board, in different locations, are connected by electronic means, through audio or video, or both.


Internet. Many associations are exploring the option of broadcasting their meetings over the internet so members can observe and participate in meetings via their computers.


Webinars – Davis Stirling

The Courts allow Video attendance at hearings.

Silldorf – Levine  mentions video meetings in the Corp Code in their FREE HOA Guide, use the “search” feature.
Considering the dire state of many HOA finances, Boards  should seek all the help they can get from members in Public Comment.
Safety – Some people’s tempers get out of control.
At Board meetings, the Board shall permit Members or their designated representatives to speak before the Board takes formal action on an item under discussion, in addition to any other opportunities to speak, and the Board shall provide for a reasonable number of persons to speak on each side of an issue. However, the Board may place reasonable time restrictions on those persons speaking during any meeting. knolls   Meeting Rules  They don’t appear to have a “property manager” even with 100+ homes, and encourage direct contact with the Board!

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