Right to address Complaints & Grievances?

Right to address complaints to the Board?

1st Amendment Right to Petition Q & A
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The homeowners are in charge of the association. Often, homeowners will elect a board of directors to operate the association and preserve, enhance and protect the value of the CID, but the board answers to the homeowners. CA Dept of Real Estate

Attorney General HOA Complaints  If you would like to complain that your non-profit mutual benefit corporation has failed to hold regular meetings of members, failed to allow a member access to books and records of the corporation, failed to provide annual financial reports to members, failed on request to provide a list of names and addresses of members, or failed to provide other specified member rights, you may submit your complaint Sample Complaint form  should you file in Superior Court to enforce the law Kinsey Law.com


  Calif. Code of Regulations on this Corporate Filings Statement of Information  Statement of Common Interest   Sarbanes-Oxley 66 page pdf entire law


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