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DRE  Living in a CA Common Interest Development PDF

Condo HOA

DRE Living in a Common Interest Development

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Significance of Board Meeting Minutes VIDEO

Incorporated associations are required to keep a record of their proceedings and that record is typically the minutes of board meetings. Yet the law doesn’t specify exactly what minutes should include (or omit). Clear minutes serve many purposes; they can eliminate disputes, provide clarity and greatly reduce expenses if facts stated in the minutes can challenged long after the minutes were adopted.



“Back in the day”, there was no requirement that a board adopt or post an agenda for meetings. Any item introduced for action could be acted on even if notice had not been given the members. This changed with the Open Meeting Act. It requires an association to post or distribute agendas

Meeting Notice 4920 i

No nothing can be done outside of an Open Meeting VIDEO

Previously, decisions by association boards could be made by email by “unanimous written consent” thus eliminating the need for an in-person board meeting. The concept was, if directors all agree on an action, there is no need to wait for a formal meeting for its implantation. The legislature changed that in the Common Interest Development Open Meeting Act. Except for emergencies, the Act prohibits the use of unanimous written consent (including email) and opts instead for more transparency so that association members can see and hear the board’s discussions on action items, even where the directors do not disagree.

§4930 Agenda or can’t discuss

Online Training Video – Civil Code § 5400  Prior 1363.001 – Filling the Gap as apparently there are no funds available for the Dept of Real Estate or Consumer Affairs to develop an online training course.  Here’s ours.  Please send suggestions and comments or do that below.

See also, Open Meeting Act Video’s for Brown and Davis Stirling Acts
Reserve Study

Open Meeting Act

New members information

Wikipedia  on Davis Stirling

Code of Ethics

Brown Act

Father of Davis Sterling

LA City Attorney's Office for
Neighborhood Council Training 

1st Amendment
Brown Act Primer


you tube video's on reserves

  • Video Guide to Capital reserves are set aside for the maintenance and repair of capital items in condominium and homeowner associations. This may be roads, siding, roofs, swimming pool, or any other item the association is responsible for. This video provides basic information on how you should go about determining what goes into reserve planning and funding.
  • This video explains what condominium and homeowner association reserves are and how the association determines the proper amounts to set aside

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Reserve Study §5550

4 comments on “Video’s Online Condo HOA Board Training

  1. I started watching, the video’s on this page and also was able to find few of my own videos on youtube.

    However, those that you have seemed to be a be a bit old (judging from how people are dressed), and those that I found –about responsibilities of board members, those are presenters talk about Arizona.

    All videos are very informative, but for some reason when I do my search, I am not able to find any videos that talk about CA laws. Are you in CA?

    The speakers that I found talk about free classes that their states offer.

    This is great, and hopefully we have them in CA too. There is so much responsibility to be on the board, and I want to make sure my daughter does the right steps and will not put herself in danger by being sued for something that the board did not do, or did wrong.

    So if you can direct to the CA videos or classes offered, that would be great!

    • Yes, I’m in CA.

      I created this website as I didn’t find that the CA Department of Real Estate had any budget to create the training programs they are supposed to under California Civil Code §5400

      If you were able to find any video’s on youtube that you think might benefit other webvistors, please put share those links below in comments.

      Even if the video’s are old… the principles remain the same. If you want the exact law, visit the CA State Legislatures Website Section 4000 to 6150

      We’ve just added a brochure from the department of real estate in the webpage above, titled Living in a CA Common Interest Development

      You might try subscribing to the newsletter at Davis NOT AN OFFICIAL WEBSITE!!!

      Watch Davis Stirlings page for Seminar’s & Workshops

      Search Condo Property Managers websites for seminars.

      Be careful, many property managers think they are the judge, jury, lead attorney and know everything…. they often know NOTHING!!! Many think that Davis Stirling is an OFFICIAL Website. It is NOT!!! IMHO many property managers are unlawfully practising law! The boards often blindly follow those “bozo’s

      Here’s what I learned in one year of law school.

      Read the law or Insurance Policy three times, then when you think you understand it, read it again.


      See also, Basic Training for Board Members by Berding-Weil IMHO printed reference guides are much better than video’s. For one, it would allow your daughter to show the relevant page to the other board members, rather than give hearsay evidence about some video, lecture or class she went to.

    • On a personal note, where you didn’t ask for advice…

      You’re daughter is a grown adult with a job and her own income. Let her do her own research and ask her own questions. Even if you own the condo and your daughter is not fully on her own, let her be. Are you going to go to the Board Meetings with her?

      Here’s more on Co-Dependency… Mental Health is an essential mandtory benefit under ACA/Obamcare.

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