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Since 1961, the law requires that, upon completion of a fumigation, a sign indicating the name of the licensee, the date of the fumigation and the type of fumigant used be posted by the fumigator in either the attic or in the sub area of a house. These tags are to remain permanently and should not be detached.

CA Pest Control Board Termite Fact Sheet 

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Delivery of Structural Pest Control Inspection and Certification Reports

The law does not require that a structural pest control inspection be performed prior to transfer of any real property. However, if required by the contract or by the lender, the seller or the seller’s agent must deliver to the buyer a copy of a report and written certification, prepared by a registered structural pest control company, regarding the presence or absence of wood-destroying organisms. Delivery must occur before transfer of title.

If more than one real estate broker is acting as the seller’s agent, the broker who obtained the offer is responsible for delivery, in person or by mail, of the report unless the seller directs otherwise in writing. The real estate broker responsible for delivery must retain for three years a record of the actions taken to effect delivery. (Civil Code 1099; Business and Professions Code Sections 8519 et seq. and 10148; Commissioner’s Regulation 2905)

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