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Maintenance Check Lists


Conducting routine and preventative care is the only sure way to provide safety for your building and avoid costly damage. 

A proactive approach for essential equipment, fixtures, and facilities will strengthen tenant relationships, as well as your profit margins. Follow this fundamental checklist to guarantee you won’t miss any red flags this winter.

  1. Confirm the functionality of emergency fixtures, including fire extinguishers, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and sprinkler systems.
  2. Conduct consistent inspections of the roof, gutters, insulation, and ventilation to take care of any damage.
  3. Plan for heating and cooling maintenance to prevent fires and save on energy, including bleeding hot water radiators and replacing filters.
  4. Investigate the building for leaks in problem areas such as windows, doors, plumbing, and water heaters to avoid wall and ceiling damage.
  5. Schedule routine pest control to avoid infestations that can be harmful to the interior.
  6. Inspect electrical wires routinely to keep your system updated and safe.
  7. Repaint the walls if needed and reapply sealant at least every few years to help conserve energy and provide aesthetic integrity.
  8. Construct a schedule for regular cleaning of common areas, entryways, pools, air ducts, and other places susceptible to traffic or buildup.
  9. Maintain the safety and appeal of the facade and landscaping, including pruning, ice and snow removal, and eliminating hazards like low-hanging branches.
  10. Allocate a budget for preventative maintenance beyond anticipated expenses to handle repairs before they get out of hand.

Managing a residential building, especially a condominium, involves satisfying tenants that are significantly invested in the comfort and safety of their homes. Rather than waiting until small issues become extreme repairs, maintain your building’s appeal and functionality by putting these procedures into action. South West Co Inc.com


Preventive maintenance is the regular inspection and repair of equipment and facilities to prevent extensive, costly damage from occurring over time. Preventive maintenance can go a long way toward reducing the overall cost of your condominiums, as large expenditures for repairs and replacements can often be avoided by a careful attention to detail. Following a thorough condominium preventive maintenance checklist can help you to increase the attractiveness of your properties, boost your tenants’ satisfaction and strengthen your profit margins.

Perform regular inspections on all equipment and facilities that are subject to damage or normal wear and tear. Inspect such things as roofs, pools, insulation, ventilation systems and appliances to ensure that they are operating safely and efficiently. Make inspection a priority among your maintenance staff; create thorough checklists that must be marked off and signed by the inspecting employee, and hold inspectors accountable for the thoroughness of their examinations.  sfgate.com

Community Association Management  

encourage tenants and guest to report any items they may see, no matter how small. A single faucet that drips only one drip per minute will add 34 gallons of water usage to your overall water bill per year; over the course of time if left uncorrected that one drip per minute will quickly escalate to a consistent stream of water that can add up to 2082 gallon per year to your water consumption.   Risemg.com


Slide from Davis Stirling.com Meeting Circa 3.2014

HOA- Should have monthly maintenance inspections
Slide from Davis Stirling.com Meeting Circa 3.2014 - Should have monthly inspections

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