California – ONLINE Training for HOA Directors & Board Members 


The California Department of Real Estate was asked by our legislature to create an ONLINE training course for HOA directors California  Civil Code §5400 

This has not been done, no budget?, so we created this website.


Legislative Intent Davis Stirling Act

Analysis CARA comments, “In its study of the state’s 36,000 common interest developments, the California Research Bureau reported that associations either do not disclose to homeowners how their money is being spent or else they report it inaccurately.

The report also states that between 14-20 percent of all lawsuits filed by shareholders against associations are for financial mismanagement. AB 1098 (2005)  corrects this lack of disclosure by association boards and lack of knowledge by homeowners. It assures that association shareholders (i.e., homeowners) have access to the association financial records to find out how boards are spending the billions under their control. It makes good fiscal sense that homeowners, who have the biggest financial stake, should be watching the books.   asm_floor.html

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There isn’t a whole lot “any” of training for the Condo Davis Stirling act, however Davis Stirling parallels and is based on the Brown Act (Brown Act for GuidanceDavis  for public bodies, like City – Municipal Government, so a lot of our information, especially video, interpretation, Q & A, implementation has been used on this site.   One excellent example is the   1st Amendment Coalition Brown Act Primer

While Property Managers do have certifications they can study for, that does nothing for the Boards who are in control and cannot delegate most of their duties.   One certainly should not rely on a property manager for ANY legal questions.  It could well get them in legal trouble for the unlawful practise of law.

“Believe nothing merely because you have been told it. Do not believe what your teacher tells you merely out of respect for the teacher. But whatsoever, after due examination and analysis, you find to be kind, conducive to the good, the benefit, the welfare of all beings — that doctrine believe and cling to, and take it as your guide.”  – Buddha [Gautama Sidd] fear not

At this time, our site will concentrate on the

Excellent Material for the remainder of topics in the Davis Stirling Common Interest Act is available on several Attorney Sponsored Websites and of course in the Law on the CA State Website  §4000 et seq.  While they may be excellent sites for reference, they don’t really do any training.

AB 314  1985  Factors leading to passage of Davis Stirling

State of CA Website Civil Code §4000 et seq

Berding-Weil Entire Code



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Learning Materials for

New Owners in a Condominium Association

DRE  Living in a CA Common Interest Development PDF

Condo HOA

DRE Living in a Common Interest Development

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3 comments on “HOA – Condo Director & Owner Training §5400

  1. Hello, my daughter recently became a treasurer of her HOA, is there a free training that she can get?

    Are there facebook pages that she can join?

    • As we said in the beginning of this website:

      California Civil Code §5400 asks the Department of Real Estate to create an ONLINE training course for HOA directors. This has not been done, so we are doing it here

      Check out our video’s page


    • Here’s our webpage on the Financial Reviews mandated by law. IMHO it’s just common sense. No different then say, if your daughter is married, how does she and her husband make financial decisions and based on what?

      What background and training does she have in accounting and finances now?

      If the HOA has a property manager, IMHO the board leaves way too much responsibility to them.

      The Board is in charge, not the property manager!

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